Ma Petite femme cherie,
       Je t'aime, you are the Most Wonderful Wife in the World.

Cheri went to ShangHai for working.
I know it's best for our future. Especially now we have bought a house here and prepared to have a baby. It's just a short trip, and I will join cheri soon in this summer vacation.
I won't cry. I promised cheri in the airport........ not at all.
..........till when I went to our flat and saw the note on my pillow. I cried... and cried....

As you always say that we do match each other and we do love each other a lot.

I start to miss you......... I will join you soon!!

Jiayou in China and Europe!! I wil be here take good care of myself and our house!!

Moi aussi! Je t'aime.

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C'est moi!就是要自助!+醒醒吧~女孩們! 你所不知道的"法國浪漫"~

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